Ladies of Lenox: Dusk / by Kristopher Willis

As this was the first time Bekah Bratton of Adorn Bridal and I had worked together, we were both extra excited to kick-off what had been weeks of Pinteresting, sharing ideas, and just in general encouraging each other's vision on what this shoot could be.  Both Amanda Moreno and Heather Kurtz were legends to work with, and Kari Roberts was a champion with Hair & Makeup.  It really does take a great team! 

It was a bit windy when we all made it to the location, but for Mid-February it was as nice a day as we could have hoped for.  Just as we were getting started, a little girl stopped and  yelled from across the park, "Daddy is that Elsa??!"  I think it was a good sign.  I've split this blog up into two parts: 'Dusk' and 'Night'.  I'll put up the second later due to time constraints at the moment, but hope you get the same feels we all did when looking at the photos.