When Life Tries to Break You / by Kristopher Willis

:: I originally wrote the bulk of this in November of 2016, but as I have a tendency to do, forgot to hit 'submit'.  Somehow, I still believe it'll be helpful for whoever reads it. ::

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Setting out to start your own business is a guaranteed roller coaster.  Most business fail within the first 2 years.  I'm beginning to see why.  

It's not really because of market conditions, or lack of a business plan, or a lack of talent.  I mean, those things are important to be sure.  I think it's because our spirit gets dented in the process.

The past month has been one of the hardest I can remember, just because it's been filled with so many seeming random challenges and setbacks.  I had the most difficult real estate deal of my life finally come to a close after weeks of holding it together by what seemed to be sheer will power and blind hope.  I've been shooting semi-professionally/paid photography gigs for the better part of a decade, and for the first time I experienced the sheer gutted emotion of having lost an entire shoot's worth of footage & media just this past week.  And today, as I was getting into the car to do a shoot with a friend that I've been looking forward to for weeks, I realize just as I go to crank the engine in my beloved Jean Grey (Volkswagen Mk VI GTi) that my backdrop roll has caused massive cracking to the windshield.  This is after my car battery died before having to do my emissions and finding out that there was an outstanding ticket on my license that resulted in my license renewal fees being in the $100s.

Sometimes going after what you love actually tries to break your spirit.  In moments/days/weeks/seasons like this, you really have to let go of all the unimportant things and grasp on to what really matters.  For me in that moment, all I could do was sit in silence, and throw my hands up in humility.  I remembered how little I'm actually in control, but I can choose to respond well.  I threw on some worship music, started to drive to the shoot, and ended up having a blast.  My circumstances hadn't changed, but I'm glad I had something deeper than myself I could lean on in a moment of frustration.  

**The Fun Stuff**

Meet my friend Lillian!  She's awesome, super talented, and if you can't guess by the pictures on the wall behind her, she's a massive comic-head.  My kind of people.  She also loves bacon & pork, and does a mean Jubilee cosplay.  She's got a small army of followers on IG; her handle is mypigmeup, and the post game is very strong with this one.  

I was going for a one part lifestyle with one part fashion shoot.  The latter didn't turn out quite how I'd expected due to some poor execution on my part, but loved the shots we were able to get.